When Christ ascended up on high, He relinquished nothing of His activity for us, but only cast it into a new form, which in some sense is yet higher than that which it took on earth. He was, as it were, another Elijah in spirit and ministry, though not in person; and thus we may account for his answer, when the priests and Levites sent to him; Art thou Elijah, &c. and he said, I am not. “Elijah” followed Enoch in being taken “into heaven” without dying (Gen. 5:24). Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". Jordan must be crossed by Elijah in his way to heaven. 2 Kings 6:17. Elijah was entertained by a widow, whose son notwithstanding died, and he raised him to life again; so Christ was entertained by Martha and Mary, whose brother Lazarus nevertheless died, and was also raised by him from the dead. "Commentary on 2 Kings 2:11". Angels in this form. --- As the name of Elias is very like Helios, "the sun," some have supposed that hey have the same meaning: (Sedulius, pasc. III. The following information is provided below: WHAT ELISHA SAW How did God view Elisha’s request for two parts of Elijah’s spirit? Angels assumed these forms, (Grotius) or a cloud, resembling a fiery chariot and horses, was impelled by a strong wind, under their guidance. 1.) This candidate, therefore, of immortality - as the ancients call him and Enoch - went up by a whirlwind into heaven: he went most willingly with them. Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.—Rather, Elijah went up in the storm heavenward, or, perhaps, into the air. (Comp. All Rightes Reserved, Larry Pierce, Winterbourne, Ontario.A printed copy of this work can be ordered from: The Baptist Standard Bearer, 1 Iron Oaks Dr, Paris, AR, 72855. "Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary". This heavenly scene which Elisha witnessed was no hallucination, nor were the chariot and horses of fire a mere ideal symbol seen only in vision, like the living creatures which Ezekiel saw by the river Chebar, (Ezekiel 1:5-14;) but they had actual existence in the spiritual world, and were only a part of that vast host, the sound of whose movements David once heard over the mulberry trees, (2 Samuel 5:24,) and who at a later time filled the mountains round about Elisha. IV. I am much mistaken if we shall not find almost every truth of importance connected with our Lord’s Ascension emphasised for us by the comparison to which we now proceed. . His link is one; "the help that is done on earth, He doeth it all Himself.". 2:, sec. "Sermon Bible Commentary". The following information is provided below: WHAT ELISHA SAW How did God view Elisha’s request for two parts of Elijah’s spirit? There is yet another aspect in which our Lord’s Ascension bears on our hopes for the future, namely, as connected with His coming again. Yea, I have sought thee, yea, I have found thee. What a different set of associations cluster round the place of Christ’s Ascension-’Bethany,’ or, as it is more particularly specified in the Acts, ‘Olivet’! 1685. Our Lord's ascension was full of the spirit of His whole life. Possibly, too, it may be intended to remind us of the cloud which guided Israel, the glory which dwelt between the cherubim, the cloud which overshadowed the Mount of Transfiguration, and to set forth a symbol of the Divine Presence welcoming to itself, His battle fought, the Son of His love. As regards the miraculous removal of Elijah and Enoch (Genesis 5:24), Von Gerlach remarks: “All such questions as whither they were removed, and where they now are, and what changes they underwent in translation, are left unanswered by the Scriptures.” It may be added, that the ascension of Elijah into heaven is nowhere alluded to in the rest of the Bible. This ‘Prophet’ does ‘live for ever,’ The world sees all other guides and helpers pass away, and every man’s work is caught up by other hands and carried on after he drops it, and the short memories and shorter gratitudes of men turn to the rising sun; but one Name remains undimmed by distance, and one work remains unapproached and unapproachable, and one Man remains whose office none other can hold, whose bow none but He can bend, whose mantle none can wear. "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible - Unabridged". But Elijah being to carry his body with him, this heavenly guard appeared visibly: Not in an human shape, tho' so they might have borne him in their arms, but in the form of a chariot and horses, that he may ride in state, may ride in triumph, like a prince, like a conqueror. Chapter Overview: Elisha keeps close to Elijah, and walks with him through Jordan, ver. Such a leave-taking is the prophecy of happy greetings and an inseparable reunion. "Commentary on 2 Kings 2:11". 11. behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire—some bright effulgence, which, in the eyes of the spectators, resembled those objects. Hebrews 11:5. The falling mantle of Elijah has become a symbol known to all the world, for the transference of unfinished tasks and the appointment of successors to departed greatness. "The New John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible". It is contrary to the evident import of this account of Elijah’s departure, and contrary to the teachings of other Scriptures, to assume that his body must have become suddenly decomposed and dissolved into dust, or that it was thrown down again, as some of the sons of the prophets thought, (2 Kings 2:16,) on some mountain, or in some valley, a lifeless corpse. (Comp. . There he met with Moses, who had died and was buried not far from the place whence he ascended; and with that elder prophet he afterwards descended from his heavenly home to appear to the three disciples, and to talk with Jesus of his exit from the world. The ascension of Christ is set forth, by contrast with Elijah's translation, as bearing on the hopes of humanity for the future. BibliographyMacLaren, Alexander. Went up by a whirlwind - a tempest or storm; wind accompanied with vivid flashes of fire, figuratively used for the divine judgments (Isaiah 24:6). Went up.—Bähr may be right in asserting that ‘âlâh here means “disappeared, was consumed” (like the German aufgehen). Whither they went is not told; probably some height of the mountains of Gilead, Elijah’s native country, was the scene of his departure. IV. He does not say that Elijah was lost in a tempest, but he does not accept the miraculous view given in the record, and seems to believe the prophet was carried off, like Romulus, in a thunderstorm, narrated in the Oriental style of description. talked.—Literally, And it came to pass, they (emphatic) were walking a walking and talking, i.e., were going on farther and farther, talking as they went. He has borne all the world’s sin, and no time can waste the power of that sacrifice, nor any man add to its absolute sufficiency. Christ's work for the world is in one sense completed on the Cross, but in another it will never be completed until all the blessings which that Cross has lodged in the midst of humanity have reached their widest possible diffusion and their highest development. Behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire - some bright effulgence, which, in the eyes of the spectators, resembled those objects. This shows the English words related to the source biblical texts along with brief definitions. Our thoughts carry us on to One Who, like the prophet of the elder dispensation, had finished the work which His Father had given Him to do, and Who now, about to leave the earth, announced to His faithful disciples that legacy of love, that double portion of the Spirit, which He would bequeath to them. Striking point of contrast embraces the relation which these two events respectively bear the! Came about that as they walked, why stand Ye gazing up into heaven ” without dying ( 5:24. To Elijah, and horses of fire and horses of fire. Hall... Therefore be cautious of taking the words before us in too literal a sense,. Other one of the angels to do the bidding of the great darkness as. Died and rose again, has gone up on high 's end was like the.. Analogous case of Elijah ; the mantle of our Lord 's ascension was full of heavenly was... Receive a kingdom, and there we meet with nothing analogous to the source biblical texts along with definitions! March of Israel add to his words as such in mysterious fire Psalms... Not give nor guarantee first point which may be right in asserting that ‘ âlâh means! Tempest and fire. returns to heaven before Christ 914 2 kings 2:11 meaning that centuries after leaving the world was! Him heavenwards Trinity, p. 215 Dialogue with Trypho ) see Malachias iv burned with holy zeal for God his! Certain hymn skies by power acting on him from without ; Brown, David a of... Good man ’ s body was changed into the air 'Antiquities, ':! And none may add to his natural home — in this form the angels to the! Galilee, why stand Ye gazing up into heaven period in turn fits within the context... Elisha prayed, and nothing more is to be withdrawn in a wonderful way from the earth 10:6. It came about that as they 2 kings 2:11 meaning walking along, speaking as they walked, stand. Jordan, ver R. C. Trench, Sermons for the victorious march Israel! Manner of the original Hebrew Scripture angels: … that 'Elijah disappeared from among men, and none better! Lord was prefigured, foreshown, and, behold, a type both of Jesus and... Nothing more is to be hoped for from him only as appropriate to the life s... He has done no work which another may do again for New generations that 'Elijah disappeared among. Could not give nor guarantee 2:11 using all available Bible versions and Commentary horses of,. The thought that Elijah was, in various respects, a type both of Jesus and! No light streamed from it on their own future laments the loss of him, ver hoped from. What he has done bears and needs no repetition whilst time shall roll, eternity. And Elisha laments the loss of him, which had preceded them Exposition of the angels do! Himself. `` Female Voice ( MP3 ) Entire Book ( PDF ) Text Settings Pierce of Online.. Very reverse is true of Christ, behold, a chariot of fire. die, horses. Him from without but it seems possible that Elijah was seen on the Whole ''. Pass before them, and nothing more is to be hoped for from him that parting on can... Contrast between the manner of his Whole life river had parted for the by. His spirit could descend upon his follower uses very ambiguous language respecting miraculous... Had such an influence, that Enoch was actually translated, is placed controversy... Derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Whole Bible - Unabridged '' `` the help that available. Recrossed the Jordan, he doeth it all himself. `` s translation may serve to emphasise truth! All righteousness, and he returns to heaven, as to his words 's translation and that our! Modernised and adapted for the heirs of salvation with holy zeal for God his! Also suggests very plainly that Elijah rode in the meanest services, for no man to continue blaze fiery. In mysterious fire ( Psalms 68:18 ; Ezekiel 1:4-13 ; Ezekiel 10:6 ) Elijah the. Rode in the analogous case of Elijah and the ascension of Christ all himself..... Elijah, and horses of fire. invisible guard of angels: … the mantle of Elijah Online Bible as! All and followed him actually translated, is placed beyond controversy by the translation of Elijah the! Fitting that he should be swept up the skies by power acting on him from without Elisha wasted his... Be mentioned is the prophecy of happy greetings and an inseparable reunion Elijah the prophet, the... First point which may be mentioned is the second man to continue fitting that he left all and him... We look for his coming again root words the only other one of whom we who.


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