Thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the International Council of Nurses (ICN). It was founded in 1899 and was the first international organization for health care professionals.It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF NURSES ’ INHVGBD 1.2 A WORLD OF UNEQUALS The Millennium Development Goals did much towards improving the lives of millions of people around the world, but the gap between the rich and the poor, the health and unhealthy, the educated and uneducated continues to … Short excerpts (under 300 words) may be reproduced without authorisation, on condition that the source is indicated. Registration of qualified Nursing Professionals mentioned above and maintenance of State Register for the purpose ICM works closely with the WHO, UNFPA and other UN Agencies; global professional health care organisations including the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), the International Pediatric Association (IPA), the International Council of Nurses (ICN), non-governmental organisations; bilateral and civil society groups. Nurses and Midwives Act VII of 1934 and Act XXVI(26) of 1960, till today we follow the same. The ICN is the global voice of nursing. International Council of Nurses (ICN) Statement at the 65th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe . Recognition of Nursing Institutions as per the Act. International Council of Nurses (2009) Regulation 2020: An Exploration of the Other articles where International Council of Nurses is discussed: International Nurses Day: …established in 1974 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN), also serves to highlight the important role nurses fulfill in health care. South African Nursing Council. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) The International Council of Nurses was founded in 1899 by Mrs. Bedford Fenwick .It is federation of non-political and self-governing national nurses association.. Functions The Nursing Council. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is a federation of more than 130 national nurses associations. without the express written permission of the International Council of Nurses or the International Centre for Human Resources in Nursing. References: International Council of Nurses (2010) Scope of Nursing Practice and Decision-Making Framewotk Toolkit , ICN, Geneva. Agenda item 5 (c): Priorities for health systems strengthening in the WHO European Region 2015–2020: walking the talk on people centredness . leading nursing internationally, ICN works to ensure quality nursing care for all and sound health policies globally.


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